Applied Microeconomist

Lecturer in Economics, Aston University

My research on Behavioural Economics has generated four impact cases:

Can’t Buy Me Love? The Economics of Gift Giving.  The Conversation 17/05/2016

In an article read by 3500 people I explain what determines the size of a wedding gift from Economics standpoint. The discussion is linked to my JEBO publication, which is referenced in the text.

The Cost of a Wedding Gift.  BBC Radio 4 More or Less: Behind the Stats 19/08/2016

Based on the article in The Convesation I was invited to give a talk at the BBC Radio 4.

​A Public Good Provision Game.  European Researcher's Night 30/09/2016

I demonstrated the power of research to the public at the Researcher's Night event, which happened simultaneously across 300 cities in Europe. The game was based on my own research on social dilemmas.

Are People Rational? The Importance of Behavioural Economics.  The Economic Review 11/2016

I disseminate research results among younger audiences by writing for an A level magazine, subscribed to by many schools and colleges across the UK.